First in ClaaS: Claims as a Service

We help you File Prioritize Collect your claim.

When you are owed money or property, it can feel like the odds are stacked against you.
Proxifile is on your side.

We manage your claims, so you can manage your business.

Lower Cost and
Management Time

Whether it’s expensive outside counsel or overburdened accounting teams, claims management costs time and money.  Proxifile caps your cost and handles the process end-to-end for you.

Minimize Your
Compliance Risk

There are so many complex laws and processes governing the recovery of money and property.  And even one mistake can have huge costly consequences. Proxifile ensures full compliance to minimize risk.

Improve Transparency
and Accountability

Lawyers and courts are notoriously confusing.  Proxifile’s 24×7 dashboard tells you exactly what’s happening with your claims – in plain English.

Bankruptcy Claims for Creditors

Property Claims for Owners/Lenders

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