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Leveling the claims playing field for creditors.

Debtors have strategy and expertise on their side – you should too. 

“When one of our larger buyers declared bankruptcy, we were left with thousands of dollars in unpaid invoices for goods we had already delivered to them. As a small business, we weren't exactly sure how to navigate the bankruptcy process and when we turned to lawyers the expense exceeded what we stood to gain. Proxifile helped me file a claim quickly and correctly at a reasonable rate. I was able to get back to running my business knowing that they were focused on recovering my money.”

Janie V.The Card Bureau LLC

Our Process

Quick Start your Claim

A simple intake form makes getting your claim started easy with no special expertise needed. Securely upload your supporting documents, review, and sign – and you are done.

Expert Review
and Preparation

Bankruptcy has a lot of rules, some that cause trouble and others that create opportunity for a better payout. Our expert team reviews your claim to improve the size and/or speed of your recovery. 

File and Update

We assemble and file your official Proof of Claim with the relevant court – so no confusing paperwork (and legalese) for you to manage. Your personal dashboard lets you see new filings and read updates from our expert team at your convenience.  We’ll manage your filing as long as the case is active.

Proxifile combines deep expertise with innovative technology to level the playing field for traditionally neglected smaller creditors. We revolutionize the way claims are handled, so you can get back to your business.

Reduce Cost and Time

A low up-front fee ensures you won’t spend more than your claim is worth. Simple intake and 24×7 dashboard means you can start and monitor claims quickly.

Maximize Recovery

Certain claims are prioritized for payment and certain strategies can strengthen your claim. We position your claim to maximize opportunity for recovery.

Minimize Risk

With bankruptcy claims even small mistakes, like missing deadlines, can put your claim in jeopardy. Our experts ensure that your claim is filed correctly and on time.

Simple Pricing


$ 250

Per Claim
  • Claim Intake and Preparation
  • Target Court Optimization
  • Prioritization Strategy Development and Review
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Our Commission is dependent on how successful we are.
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Per Month
  • *Everything in Professional +
  • Risk Management
  • Advisory Services from our Partners at Enumero Law:
  • Managing Debtor Relations
  • Minimizing Exposure & Scaled Recovery
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Quick answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

Do I have to be owed a certain amount to file a claim?

No. You can file a claim for $1 or $1million dollars (or more) as long as you can prove that the company has filed for bankruptcy owes you money.

What kind of information (documentation) do I need to support my claim?

Typical supporting documentation includes: invoices, purchase orders, contracts, promissory notes, purchase orders, itemized statements of running accounts, judgments, mortgages, and security agreements. Other documentation may be acceptable. Our specialists will review your documentation to ensure that it effectively supports your claim.

How do I know if my claim is eligible for priority status?

Priority status is determined by a number of factors which differ depending on the basis of the claim (goods, wage/labor, property), your industry, date goods were delivered, etc. The laws around priority are highly nuanced. Our process always includes a thorough review of your claim by a bankruptcy attorney to assess for priority status.

How much does it cost for Proxifile to file my claim?

We charge  a flat fee of $250 to file a single claim. This includes an analysis of the case, review and assembly of your supporting documentation, strategies for prioritization (if applicable), and a written narrative explaining you claim to the court in addition to the B410 form. We also include ongoing monitoring of the case and your claim, so you always know the status.  If you recover money we receive 25% of what is recovered as our success fee.  If you do not recover anything, you don’t pay anything additional.  If you have multiple claims to file, please contact us to discuss pricing.

My business is located outside of the United States, can I still file a claim?

Yes.  If you have evidence that you are owed money by a debtor who has filed for protection in US Bankruptcy court, you are eligible to file a claim.

I already filed a claim, but I think I did it wrong. Can you help?

Absolutely. We are happy to review existing claims and file an amendment if necessary.  The cost to review an existing claim is $100. We can credit that amount towards filing an amended claim too.

What happens after you file my claim?

After your claim has been filed, there isn’t usually much to do except wait. We will keep you informed with periodic updates about the case and alert you if something needs your attention or action. And your personal dashboard is available 24×7, so you can always check in on the status of your case.

How soon can I get paid?

When you get paid is determined by the speed at which the debtor’s plan to emerge from bankruptcy is created and accepted by the court. Some debtors enter bankruptcy with a reorganization plan in place (a prepackaged bankruptcy) and can move quickly, others take much longer to resolve. Priority or critical vendor status may or may not get you paid sooner but at a minimum it can ensure that you are at the front of the line in your creditor “class” to get paid, so your chances at recovery are maximized. We work to keep you as updated on the status of your claim as is possible.

If the Bar Date has passed can you still file my claim?

Maybe. While there are exceptions, typically the courts do not allow claims after the Bar Date. If you believe you may be eligible for an exception, please schedule a call with one of our claims specialists to review your case and possible options.

If Proxifile files my claim, can you represent me in court?

Proxifile is indeed making a court filing for you in the bankruptcy case by stating your claim there.  In preparing your claim, Proxifile works closely with bankruptcy attorneys at law firm Enumero Law, P.C.  If legal proceeding arises beyond claim filing, Enumero Law can help you.

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