Bankruptcy Claims

Debtors go into bankruptcy with strategy and expertise on their side  — creditors should too!

Let Proxifile help you file your bankruptcy claim so you can recover what you are owed.  Get expert assistance so your claim is as strong as it can be – at the fraction of the cost of hiring an attorney and with out the risks of trying to do it yourself.

File Your Claim

Collecting from Bankrupt Debtors is Complicated

Proxifile Makes it Easy For You

The Proxifile Process,
as Easy as 1-2-3

  • 1
    We Find Your Case

    Your invoices might not show the debtor's legal name or its related affiliates or parent entities that we can pursue for collections. Proxifile searches all the court records for you to boost your success through an accurate filing to the correct bankrupt entities.

  • 2
    We Prepare Your Claim

    Bankruptcy has a lot of rules and angles, some that cause trouble and others that create opportunity for a better payout. Our straightforward interview process enables us to quickly determine the most advantageous positioning for your claims. Don’t have all the information at your fingertips? No problem, our customer dashboard let’s you upload documents and save your answers at your leisure.

  • 3
    We File Your Claim and Monitor Daily

    After studying how to optimize your claim, we prepare an official Proof of Claim form and file it on your behalf with the relevant courts. Then you can use our 24x7 ClaaS docket manager to see any new filings in your cases. We monitor active cases daily to ensure that you stay up-to-date on your claims portfolio. Whether it's one claim or many, our system scales passing savings in time and money to our customers.

The Proxifile Promise

Low Upfront Fee

Our $250 fee is less than the cost of one hour of an attorney. And because our upfront fee is capped, you don't have to worry about racking up big bills pursuing your claims whether it be one or many. Now it's easier to file on all your claims without runaway costs.

Aligned Incentives

We only get upside if you collect successfully on your claim. Our 25% commission is tied to the size of your recovery, ensuring that we are 100% focused on your claim.

Get Started
Accountability and Visibility

No more paralegal bills just to forward court filings.
No more unanswered calls and emails.
Our 24x7 platform always has the latest claims information ready for you.

Be Careful

Bankruptcy is full of costly traps for the unwary, ranging from severe penalties for sending improper bills to cancellation of liens that are not properly documented.  
And hiring a traditional law firm is typically $500+ per hour bills for an unknown period of time.

Don't Miss Out

Bankruptcy cases move quickly with tight deadlines. Don’t miss out on filing a claim and losing your valuable rights to a payout.
Proxifile is quick: Once we receive complete information about your claim, we will prepare and submit your filing for you within 3 workdays or your money back.